Frequently asked questions

What is this?

A listing for SAS award tickets. Only direct longhauls are shown.

Anyone using it?

About 4k sessions/week, performing 25k searches. 15k alert mails are sent every month

Do you work for SAS?

No. SAS are aware of this service and allows me to fetch their data.

How recent is the data?

Depends. Spaces in Business are refreshed every 24h (or sooner). Plus/Go can have false positives up to 72h.

When are award tickets released?

No earlier than 329 days before departure (midnight local time)

How many seats are released?

None or 2 in business class. More spaces can become avilable between 125 days before departure and the day of the flight

Do you have data for Star Alliance awards?

No, fetching all those flights would put a huge load on the SAS API. I am however developing a real time search for these fligts.

Can you let me know when tickets becomes available?

Sure! Register an account and create alerts for the routes and dates of your interest (SAS only)

Does this site use cookies?

Only for logins

What information about me do you store?

email, passwordhash, alerts and mail stats. All data is stored within the EU.

Who made this?

A Swedish/Norwegian computer and aviation geek

Do you accept donations?

No. I do this for fun, in my spare time and with low costs. No need for donations.

I have a question/suggestion. Can i contact you?
A discussion about this site can be found in the swedish forum
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