Award tickes for CPH-LAX released (2019-10-13)

SAS even released tickets 1 year ahead. This site won't find tickets beyond 330 days so use SAS own service to find these.

New domain name and server (2019-09-28)

I moved the site to a new server and registered the domain name Calls to the old site will be redirected to here.

Still no blackout for summer 2020 (2019-09-05)

If SAS follows their pattern all these tickets will disapear at once at some point.

SAS moves Los Angeles flight from Stockholm to Copenhagen (2019-09-05)

CPH-LAX will replace ARN-LAX from January 2020. No award tickets released yet, but you can create an alert.

SAS begins their A350 service 28 Jan 2020 (2019-06-17)

CPH-ORD and CPH-PEK will be first to get the new A350. Layout is still undisclosed but there will be 40 seats in Business. Use the new Equpment-filter to search for these flghts.

All availabilities for summer 2019 has been withdrawn (2019-06-02)

There has been quite a lot of tickets for summer 2019 released but suddenly they were all revoked. There is now not a single ticket in any class for the period 30 June - 15 August.

End of Blackout (2019-05-22)

The blackout is over and tickets for +329 days are now released again. The blackout was 3-13 April.

Blackout for Easter 2020 (2019-05-19)

No tickets for 5 April or later has been released in any class. Probably a Easter blackout.

New layout (2019-03-10)

I've migrated the site to latest the Microsoft stack (.Net MVC core 3.0 preview 3). During this i also used the latest layout templates. Let me know if something broke...

AwardHacks *A award search (2019-02-24)

Fetching all routes for Star alliance would put a huge load on the SAS API so I have no plan of doing that. I'm however developing a feature that allows you to search two weeks at the time. Output is grouped by cabin class. *A search .

Star alliance award search online again (2019-02-14)

Today SAS rereleased their *A search . Still no support for First class or premium economy. This also means that the "star mode" in the console app is working again.

One million searches performed (2019-02-14)

Since the release in September 2017, one million searches has been performed on this site. List views and alert generation excluded.

Award space for Easter 2019 now released (2019-02-07)

There are quite a lot of options for going from Scandinavia before Easter but hard finding seats back the week after.

New search filters (2019-02-07)

I've added some new features

  • Weekday filters
  • Open jaw: Will include trips like ARN-EWR-CPH

Christmas 2019 (2019-01-28)

Still no blackout for +329days and tickets for 24/12 was released today. Flying home for Christmas?

Star alliance search (2019-01-28)

The SAS Star alliance award search was taken down for maintenance a few weeks ago. It's still down and no official info about when it will be rereleased. The Console app will return an error in star mode.

Easter blackout 2019 (2019-01-28)

Tickets for 10-28 April was released about 300 days ahead but then withdrawn in September 2018. The period i still in blackout but I expect some tickets to be released later on.

Release schedule (2019-01-28)

There is still a big spike +123-125 days and some activity 0-123. The 90d spike seems to be totaly gone.