What is this?

A console app for searching for SAS and *A tickets. Both reward and revenue are supported

Where can i get it?

c# Source code Here

Windows binaries Here

Basic examples:

Origin - Destination OutDate [InDate]

About dates:

Tickets are avalable 11 months ahead so year can be ommited

Shortcuts: = for today (or same day return). +1 for today (or one day after departure when used for return flight)

How do i search for award tickets?

type "set mode points" for sas ticket and "set mode star" for Star Alliance flights (slower)
Number of available seats are shown

Personal data

After logging in (with the login command) you can use these commands

points: for checking you status and points

history [page]: for transaction history

export [page]: for exporting flights into the export folder. Can be used for importing data to OpenFlights.org or my.flightradar24.com